Ethos & Beliefs at Atlas Retail Consultants

Any company can create a mission statement, but they are often too “corporate” to be really meaningful. We thought we’d just be straight with you and tell you what we believe in and how we like to work with our customers.

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The ethos is straightforward:

  1. To live, breathe and know retail like the back of our hands (which is a great excuse for doing some shopping).
  2. To be fully independent. Despite approaches from other companies to create alliances with them, we've always strongly declined. Being attached, however loosely, to a software or technology company or other consultancy, isn't totally objective and independent.
  3. To benefit your business, whether your aim is as broad as improving profitability or as detailed as reducing the time to restock.
  4. To work with you.

Our beliefs are equally simple:

  1. Our deep retail knowledge in our specialist areas is unrivalled and we always strive to expand this knowledge.
  2. We treat you as we like to be treated, with professionalism and integrity.
  3. We're open and honest with you.
  4. We won't walk away when we've finished our work with you. Clients are always welcome to contact us for friendly advice and help.
  5. All our consultants share our passion for workable and innovative retail solutions.