Knowledge Support & Training services offered by Atlas Retail Consultants

As we’ve been in your shoes we know that the pace of retail and the rate of change means you often have to quickly learn, and put into action, new retail skills. Our practical approach to training enables you to start using your new knowledge straight away.

Drawing on our extensive retailing experience, we can offer you a ’real world’ training programme. Critical to the success of providing training instantly applicable to your business is tailoring the courses to meet your specific requirements. Even if you’re not sure what your requirements are, then we can still help you focus on what your team really needs to know.

Alternatively if you just need someone with a good knowledge of what works in retail, we can help on an ad-hoc basis in areas such as facilitating workshops or skills assessments. This type of Knowledge Support is always specifically tailored to the problem you’re facing.

Examples of just some of the ways we’ve helped clients can be found here.

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