Supply Chain services offered by Atlas Retail Consultants

What is the “supply chain”?

There can be as many definitions of the retail supply chain as there are retailers and suppliers. Call it what you like; procurement, in-bound and out-bound logistics, we look at it as simply as this; you buy stock, you bring it in and you ship it out to stores/customers. Obviously this is overly simplistic, and many of the multi-channel, multi-country retailers we work with have extremely complex supply chain networks, but the fundamental premise is the same; buy it, bring it in, ship it out.

Many retailers we work with already have procedures and systems for the normal business operations. However, one of the problems we often come across is that the company has grown and developed a wide variety of alternative and uncontrolled practices for stock management. The confusion and complexity that this introduces can seriously drain your profitability.

Our consultants help you to establish controls and processes so that the business can still flow stock, but you do so in a more smooth and manageable way. For example, you could increase the full price sell through rates by improving the accuracy and timeliness of the planning and allocation process. But this is not just about better planning and decision making but is also about how you make sure your decisions become reality. We can help you define and deploy operational procedures to help the B&M teams manage the supply chain.

Examples of just some of the ways we’ve helped clients can be found here.

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