Retail Package Selection & Implementation Support services offered by Atlas Retail Consultants

We understand how crucial it is to choose the right Planning solution for your business. And then there’s the demanding task of implementing it effectively. You want to avoid making an expensive mistake.

Before starting on the giddy round of software providers we strongly recommend that you document your requirements. This helps prevent software providers suggesting that what you need is only what they can supply, which isn’t always the same thing. Even if a vendor proposes a template solution, you must review it closely against these requirements.

These documented requirements must be agreed and signed off by the business, not just IT, before starting any selection process.

Your requirements should, at least, include these

We know just how difficult it is finding time for this in a hectic pressured retail environment. That’s why we specialise in quickly getting to the root of your requirements and ensuring that everyone supports the solution. We’ve helped many clients with just this sort of problem. It’s enabled them to move quickly in package selection and implementation with the reassurance that the proposed solution really is right for them.

Examples of just some of the ways we’ve helped clients can be found here.

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