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As a retailer you may have a variety of business objectives, perhaps you want to increase margins, reduce assortments, broaden store distribution, implement a new Merchandise Planning solution or improve your current Merchandise Planning solution? In order to ensure that your various teams collectively meet these goals, it is essential that you consider how you plan, and what is planned by who and when.

Part of the challenge is to ensure that you plan efficiently and aren’t simply introducing additional workloads onto your team. You also need to look at what is planned by who and when to ensure you get the precise information you need and in time to make key decisions. Without a clear, workable process, your planning effectiveness and your overall efficiency are reduced.


The method is how you plan. A clear, well understood Planning method will enable you to operate more effectively. It will also significantly impact the value, usability and success of any Merchandise Planning solution to be implemented.

If you plan to implement a new system, software vendors often suggest they can help you before implementing their system. However the likelihood is they’ll propose the method which suits their system. This may not be the best approach, or best system, for you.

This is where Atlas’ independence is important. We’re not allied to anyone so we have no bias, we only recommend what’ll work best for you.

Specific areas we suggest you might want to address include:


Once you know how you plan, it’s critical that you define What is planned by Who and When. A clear, workable process will make improve your planning effectiveness.

Key elements of the planning process which we suggest you consider include:

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