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Can’t see the wood for the trees?

It’s a common problem and aptly describes why retailers struggle to improve performance in leaps rather than steps.

It used to be that retailers didn’t have visibility of their business performance at a detailed level. The introduction of increased technology for EPOS and data warehousing has removed that excuse for all but the smallest retailers. The challenge is now too much data! Most retail management teams now have access to too many reports and analysis tools so it’s often confusing to know which ones to look at and when, let alone how to interpret the information.

Because our consultants all have direct retail experience, they know what information you should be looking at, and more importantly what to look out for on a report. We have helped many of the largest retailers define company Key Performance Indicators so that management can accurately and reliably interpret the performance figures from each team. In particular, where we score highly over other consultants is in using our direct retail know how to help retailers to set KPI benchmarks to measure against, for example defining min and max forward cover levels, setting gross and net achieved margin thresholds, etc.

Our pragmatic approach emphasises managing the basics first before addressing some more advanced methods. Ensuring that teams have good instant access to best seller reports and Weekly Stock Sales and Intake (WSSI) plans for example is only the first step. Making sure that everyone is trained to interpret and understand their reports, is as important. Our consultants’ experience enables us to help the team decide what to do if the figures are outside of the normal levels.

None of the most advanced reporting and analysis technology available today can provide a substitute for solid retail experience, knowledge and understanding, and that’s exactly what we provide.

Examples of just some of the ways we’ve helped clients can be found here.

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