Retailers Working with Retailers: Case Studies

We take client confidentiality very seriously. Although we never talk explicitly about the work we do for individual clients, here are a few generic project examples to give you an idea of how we become involved.

Case Study 1

We were called in to help this very successful brand after they had chosen a new pan-European retail system. Before the system could be implemented, they identified issues with many separate retail units in Europe, each running their own processes. Recognising that they needed unified European processes, they asked us to help as we have considerable experience with this type of problem. Initially we helped support the retail team to facilitate workshops which successfully identified areas to focus on. Since then we've provided detailed industry knowledge input to specific retail processes. This has included defining and mapping of business processes relating to both Head Office and Store Operations such as sourcing, procurement, planning and distribution. We're currently also assisting them to define their supporting system requirements and we have an ongoing knowledge support and business advisory role.

Case Study 2

When this department store group were assessing the efficiency of their merchandise planning package, we were asked to use our considerable knowledge of planning tools and approaches to help them. We advised them on their future approach and our detailed industry experience then enabled them assess suitable alternatives.

Case Study 3

This very successful brand was rapidly developing a centralised European retail team to support a programme of ambitious store expansion across Europe. This expansion was complicated by the requirement for different retail formats — in-line, franchise and factory outlets. We initially helped the central retail team to review their team capabilities and their supporting tools. Once we'd defined the team scope, processes and system requirements necessary to support this, we were asked to assist with planning and analysis package selection. Once an appropriate system was chosen, we supported the retail team with mapping business processes for the system requirements. We've also assisted the company's retail team by developing a business calendar to ensure that everyone understands what they have to do and when.

Case Study 4

For many years we have provided knowledge support and advice to this rapidly expanding retail brand. Initially we were involved in specifying business processes and solution requirements for their planning systems. Then we helped them implement by taking on a project management role and we also specified business information requirements for their data warehouse. Now we continue to assist the company with ad-hoc requests and advice whenever they encounter an issue or just want retail experts to discuss their ideas with.