Quotes & Testimonials from Our Clients

We have worked with some of our clients for over 10 years. They recognise the unique service we provide and turn to Atlas when they need expert retail advice.

adidas “I have contracted Atlas Retail for a number of years in both Retail Merchandising and Retail Operations assignments. I find their consultants professional and I appreciate that they are all from the field that they consult. They provide practical, expert advice as someone who has done the work, not just the theory. Atlas has a thorough understanding of diverse markets, systems and business dynamics and offer advice that a company can rapidly put into practice and deliver results. I whole heartedly recommend Atlas Consulting for any retail business.” Ted Mager, Vice President Global Retail Concepts, adidas Sport Style

Levi’s “Working with Atlas is like having an in house expert within your team. They approach every problem from a clients perspective and their experience and unbiased approach makes them able to suggest solutions to fit any budget or timescale. They are practical and make it their business to work alongside your team and ensure buy in at every step of the process. Tracy Hunt, Director of Retail Planning (Merchandising) at Levi’s Europe

Mexx “Mexx have worked with Atlas for 10 years. We like their practical independent advice and also the fact that due to their real life retail experience they are able to help translate the theory into execution and implementation.” David Gandy, Merchandise Planning Director, Mexx Europe

Nike “It was a pleasure working with Atlas from conception to delivery during the duration of the project. The wealth of retail experience they brought to the process, along with their pragmatic approach to problem solving and their flexibility and professional guidance resulted in a very successful collaboration. I would definitely recommend them to assist in achieving a merchandising/planning solution for a business of any size.” Kate Hayes, Director of Buying & Merchandising, Nike Europe Retail

Speedo “There are not many people who have actual experience of implementing on an International level but the guys at Atlas have actually done it, so they understand the problems and are able to steer you through them.” Tracy Hunt, World Wide Head of Retail at Speedo International

WE Europe / adidas “Don’t think of them as Consultants—They’re Retailers.” Jasper Zeelenberg, Director Business Development at WE Europe previously Director Planning, Buying, Distribution at adidas Group.