Consultant Profile: Sam Thomas—Atlas

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When Sam joined the influential Corporate Training scheme at Burton Group in 1990 she became hooked on retail. Fortunately her University degree in business and languages and her further qualifications in business, IT and marketing all helped her to understand the world of buying and selling.

Sam worked in many retail areas but found herself gravitating to Merchandising. So she started to specialise, progressing to become a Merchandise Manager. In 1997 she struck out and began using her practical experience to consult in Merchandising, Planning, Supply Chain and Visual Merchandising. Now she’s at the front of the field, particularly when people want to know what’s happening in Range Planning.

Her portfolio includes

Sam’s expertise is in merchandise and assortment planning, space management and visual merchandising.

Consultant range

When Sam escapes from work, she enjoys walking in the country, supporting local charities and travelling.

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