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Going the Distance

Atlas Retail Consultants founder George Brown and his wife complete the New York Marathon and raise over £3,500 for the charity Breast Cancer Campaign.

On Sunday the 4th of November on a crisp autumnal day, George and Elaine Brown completed the New York Marathon.

The photos below give some idea of the scale of the event, but can’t convey the excitement and enthusiasm New Yorkers have for their marathon. As you pass through each of the neighbourhoods, you’re welcomed to their borough and cheered on your way. Children high five you and adults call out your name. 26.2 miles is a very long way, but it feels far shorter when so many people are willing you to succeed.

To our sponsors and friends who have supported us and the charity, we would like to say a very big thank you in helping us to achieve our goals.

George and Elaine: November 2007

Images from the 2007 New York Marathon run

01 5am And Off To Catch A Bus

5am And Off To Catch A Bus

02 Appropriately Named Holding Area On Staten Island

Appropriately-named Holding Area On Staten Island

03 Ready To Go

Ready To Go

04 Verrazano Bridge Traffic Jam

Verrazano Bridge Traffic Jam

05 Breaking Free

Breaking Free

06 We’re There Somewhere

We’re There Somewhere

07 High Fiving Brooklyn Fireman

High-Fiving Brooklyn Fireman

08 It’s Not All Downhill

It’s Not All Downhill

09 Paula At The Front Were Just Out Of Shot

Paula At The Front—We’re Just Out Of Shot

10 Bye Bye Bronx See You Again Sometime

Bye-Bye Bronx, See You Again Sometime

11 The Cheering Nuns Of Harlem

The Cheering Nuns Of Harlem

12 26.2 Miles For A Medal Worth Every Footstep

26.2 Miles For A Medal—Worth Every Footstep

13 Route Map

Route Map